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We are a Corporate Training house based at Kolkata, with services extended to Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha/ Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Indore & Pune. We are equipped to provide both Soft Skills and Software Training. Our Corporate Training Programs are aimed at enriching the work place and creating a positive environment of confidence, knowledge, teamwork, cooperation and initiation. We believe that good communication within the organization is extremely important, and so is teamwork and performance. Training programs are customized according to needs of every group and therefore the objectives of each program are clear and achievable.

Leadership Training

Your managers can get the skills they need to succeed with the following I4best workshops. Each program was designed to transfer critical leadership skills to your upper management. The programs are 1 day long, and we tailor them for your company needs.

Communication Training

Communication skills are vital to a profitable, well-run business. Think about how many pieces of communication flow through your organization in a day; documents, letters, memos, e-mail messages, presentations, meetings, interviews, reports. How effective are these pieces of communication? Are ideas transferred? Do the receivers have to search for the meaning? How many pieces of communication are there seeking further clarification of previous messages?!

At I4best we transfer skills that improve those messages, whether written or verbal. We help people write clear, concise documents and make audience-focused presentations. We reduce the amount of time spent writing and also reduce the amount spent reading. Chances are, we can save your company hundreds of thousands of rupees by improving the way your people communicate!

Sales Training

We have developed a powerful curriculum of training programs to improve the communication skills of your professionals. Sales Training There are so many great sales training programs out on the market. One thing we see missing in most sales programs is giving sales professionals the people skills, the ability to relate, to build relationships of trust. Our sales training curriculum covers the missing piece in sales training today.

We have put together a powerful curriculum of training programs designed to give sales and marketing professionals all the skills they need to succeed. These programs are:

  • Dynamite Sales Presentations
  • Selling Smarter
  • Networking for Success
  • Overcoming Objections to Nail the Sale
  • Personal Brand Maximizing Personal Impact
  • Prospecting for Leads Like a Pro
  • Public Speaking

Management Essentials

This 2-day programme provides an introduction to the role and duties of an effective manager within a fast moving commercial environment. Including topic areas such as; identifying and adapting different styles of leadership, establishing motivation factors and behaviours, conducting effective appraisals, managing time, delegating and prioritising workloads. It is simply a must for any one that is considering a management role or existing managers who have received little or no formal training.

In-company Training

In-company training is when we bring our courses to you. Simply pick the course, location and date and we will run the programme for your team. Any of our open training courses can be delivered at your premises. You can create your own programme by tailoring elements from existing programmes, or we can start from scratch and work with you to design your own.

This option is perfect if you have a number of staff that need training, or you require very specific outcomes from the training.

What are the benefits of In-company Training?

Location and time are flexible and arranged around your business needs You can cover a range of topics

  • If you operate in a niche market, we can focus on that area
  • You get a dedicated trainer to deliver the whole programme
  • The trainers are all experienced recruitment professionals - they speak your language!
  • Save money - the cost per head is lower, plus savings on travel and expenses
  • Increased retention levels - you are demonstrating your desire to invest in your employees.

Lunch, Tea/Coffee, Snacks & Training Material will be provided to all participants.