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Duration : 3-4 months

Be a complete Certified FIRE & SAFETY PROFESSIONAL within 3-4 Months

Modules & Topics Covered


Module 1 - FIRE BEHAVIOUR AND EVACUATION Module 2 – FIRE EXTINGUISHER TRAINING Module 3: SCBA – Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Module 4 : SCBA – Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Fire Behaviour
Extinguishing Fires Your role in the event of Institutional Fire SCBA Limitations,SCBA Apparatus and Components
Four components of a fire
Four ways to Extinguishing Fires 4 reasons offenders start fires Donning the SCBA
The five phases of a fire
Classifications of fires Three places on your body that a SCBA protects Maintenance and Inspection
The two special considerations that could arise during a fire
Different Type of Extinguisher Used Toxic Gases in a Fire SCBA Testing
Components of a fire extinguisher Smoke Inhalation Common sense rules for using the SCBA
The “Golden Rule” of search and rescue
Inspection SCBA Limitations, SCBA Apparatus and Components

Donning the SCBA


Module 5 : Defining a Safety Culture Module 6 : Governing Bodies and Resources Module 7 : Getting Started Module 8: Identifying Hazards
What is a culture?
Gathering Resources Creating a Safety Committee Hazards Identifying Technique
What is safety?
Governing Agencies Several key steps to creating a safety committee Common Hazards
how would we define a safety culture?
Other Resources Steering committee Reviewing Hazards
How Does Safety Apply to Me?
The first meeting of the safety committee Case Study for Hazards Identification
Module 11 : Writing and Implementing a Safety Plan Module 12 : Incident Management
Elements of the Plan
Organizational Policy, Hazard Identification, Emergency Response Plan
Responding to the Incident
Regulations, Communication Plan, Ongoing Process, Employee Involvement, Training
Documenting Incident, Investing Incident,
Investigation and Documentation Process, Toolbox, Appendix
Accident Investigation Kit,
Getting Started
The Safety Investigation Process
Empowering Employee
Reviewing the Programme

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